Aren't We Lucky?

Most of us just take for granted the fact that if something happens to our cat or dog, we'll hop in the car, go to the vet and make sure it gets the best care possible. We love our pets; they're often like family to us. Yet there are thousands of folks who have to try to medicate their pets or borrow before pay-day or the social security check arrives. Often by the time they have any funds it's too late to save their pets. 

My dog is like a little prince, and if he gets so much as a little sneeze, I usually go into the vet to ensure he's fine. And every one of my friends has the same habit of indulgence, too many trips to the vet just to be sure everything is the way it should be. Many dogs and cats aren't so lucky.

Thousands of elderly and disabled love their pets but have an enormous challenge to overcome. If there's a medical problem, they can't afford treatment. This means if a pet is injured or ill they often start doing without necessities like food or medicine for themselves, in order to save to get to a veterinarian. Listen to one email we just received:

"I recently rescued a French Bulldog named Bubba. He was suddenly struggling to breathe and ended up at the ER and diagnosed with aspiration pneumonia. I've already payed $700 and now have another $868 due with a steady running bill. I can't take him home or he will die because he has to be in an oxygen chamber. I am on social security disability due to being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis...please help."

And this is one of the lucky ones. She had some funds. Usually the pet owner has less than $75 and is trying to figure out how on earth to save the pet. We're so proud of the hundreds of animals we help, and all of you who support Shakespeare Animal Fund, thank you for helping us. Check out all our upcoming events, and especially look at some of the wonderful animals we've helped!


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