Homeless; Woman and Cat Survive the Holidays

cat-3054260 640Yesterday I was emailing a woman whose cat, Murdoc, was in great pain and she was helpless to get him any help. We made sure Murdoc got to a vet, and I'm happy to say that after a surgery he is recovering. Of course we have done the same thing hundreds of times of the years, and yet this time I was thinking of Murdoc and his owner, a woman who will be homeless by the end of the week, two weeks before Christmas. Her biggest concern? Making sure Murdoc has food. She said thank goodness there were places she could get free food for her cat, her only companion, so she knew things would be all right.

It's cold this time of year in most parts of the country, and yet here is a woman whose biggest concern as she loses a place to live, is for her cat.

She represents the hundreds and hundreds of ongoing emails and calls we get asking for help. All these people see their pets as family, and will literally do anything to save their suffering or dying pet. We had one man who purposely did without electricity for four months to save money for his boxer's surgery. We have people who routinely get pet food first when their social security or disability check comes, and then take care of their need. And once, years ago, I remember getting a call at 6:00 pm on Christmas eve. A man who lived in tent city in Reno, because he refused to give up his dog, was concerned his dog had been in a fight and needed stitches. He wished me a good holiday and said thank you, he was appreciative we would get his dog to a vet the day after Christmas. When I hung up the phone I checked the temperature and discovered it was 15 degrees out. Rather than stay inside where it was warm, he chose to live in a tent in order to keep his dog.

This is why we do what we do, and why we will continue to do everything we can to ensure those who can't afford it get the medical help they need for their pets. Have a wonderful holiday and thank you for supporting what we do.

Jennifer Webb


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