In Loving Memory of The Woofpak Girls - Shelby & Inka

The Woofpak Girls - Shelby & Inka


 We bonded together 13 years ago as the Woofpak (as designated by our personalized license plate), destined to share life’s joys and adventures as constant companions.

As a pack, we hiked and cross country skied thousands of miles over the years, enjoying the very best Mother Nature could offer up to us each day. Whether bounding through hip-high wildflowers or body surfing through new fallen powder snow,

The Girls taught us the joys of living in the moment. Forever the quintessential Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Shelby was the extreme water dog, diving for rocks and swimming for hours in whatever body of water we could find for her.

On a more serene note, Inka, our Chow-Golden mix, put her crack sense of direction to use as our guide and lookout on our many jaunts into the back country. Along the way, we also aptly learned the delights of doggie road trips together where The Girls graciously introduced us to such luxurious dog-friendly digs as Double Eagle Resort at June Lake and Stanford Inn in Mendocino.

How blessed and enriched our lives have been because of their unfailing loyalty and love. Heartbroken to lose Inka, at age 14, three years ago and Shelby, at 15, this March, we fervently hope that when our time comes, we will find them, with tails wagging, waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

Jeanne LW. and James P.


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