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Louie says...

Louie SAF

Thank you! Louie had his Orthopedic consult and needs TPLO surgery. We have a long road ahead of us but so appreciate your help!

~K  and Louie


Thank you once again


Thank you once again for helping with Tai-tai's vet bill. She lost her battle this morning. Her lungs and abdomen filled with fluid, so euthanasia was my only option. She didn't even make it that far. She passed away after sedation. Thank you for helping give me this last week with her. I am very grateful.

~ Becky


So Grateful


Thank you so much. The cat is able to get her wound lanced and cleaned, get an antibiotic, get her ears cleaned and get a topical flea/tick/heartworm/ear mite treatment with your money and mine put together. I am so grateful to you.


We were touched


Rudy and I were touched to have your donation for the vet. I tried to attach some pictures of him so you can know who you have helped. We wish you all the best and won't forget you and Shakespeare.

Elise and Rudy


Happy Kitty Cat


Thank you so much for helping me with my vet. bill. It is appreciated. I won't forget the Shakespeare Foundation. Yesterday my kitty had surgery to remove the braces from his face so he no longer has to be fed with a syringe. Happy cat.



You helped my heart as well as Hannah

Hannah-10-Nov-15 73

I wanted to thank you again for your assistance in allowing us to get veterinary care for our dog, Hannah. What a difference in her!! Although her ear will never stand up straight again, after only one week of ear drops, antibiotics, and antihistamine, she is no longer scratching herself raw. I don't know how to thank you.

You and your group provide such a needed service, and being involved in rescue myself, I know it is often a heart breaking job. In this case, I hope you realize that you not only helped our Hannah, but you helped my heart as well.

Thank you again,


What you did was huge and I'll never forget it!

img2 thankyou-d-c3

I thank you so much that you helped so that I could get in and learn what was really wrong and get this treatment started.  Without you none of this would be possible.  Shakespeare Animal Fund opened the door so that my family and I can afford a long term treatment for him over time.  Without your help this never would've been possible.  What you did was huge and I'll never forget it!



You are amazing!

img2 thankyou-d-4

I honestly didn't think I would get an email back. You are amazing. What you do for people is so great, I don't know what to say, thank you. Thanks to people and foundations like you that help the less fortunate. I'm crying right now this really will help so so much.



Kobie's back!

Kobie Thank You

I cannot tell you what a big difference the surgery has made. It is incredible. He has made a great transformation from being lethargic to almost acting like a puppy again. Kobie is 10 years old. His energy has returned, that little bark has come back when someone is around, his kisses are back and more special then ever! Kobie is back to running around, letting me know that he wants cookies, when to go out and seeking the love and attention that I have missed so very much.

Laurie (Kobie's Mom)


You are a true angel to Romeo and I


I wanted to send you a picture of Romeo, he is home recovering. Romeo had an uncomfortable night but seems a little better today. I thank God he is home where he belongs.  Romeo and I want to thank you for helping pay for his much needed surgery. Wonderful acts of kindness like yours Jennifer changes lives, I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Shari P.


We are very grateful for your help.


Aletris has been doing quite well despite all that ails her.  Thank you for being a part of why she is doing well. We still have a lot to treatments to go through and continual funds to raise. So we are again ever so grateful for your help.

Michelle L.


Thank you for helping Hanna!

img2 thankyou-d-6

Thank you Shakespeare for helping with Hanna's doctor visit.  The vet provided excellent care and has has lined out the medications that will help her with her pain and blood in the stool. When I get on my feet, I will try to donate back to Shakespeare for your wonderful assistance.

Lura M.


THANK YOU so much for you kindness

img2 APU

THANK YOU so much for your kindness and help!

 ... the scans showed Apu had a major heart defect and the vet was amazed he lived as long as he did, but sadly with all he had to deal with, we had to let him go. I will never forget what you have done for both Apu and me. Take care and thank you again.

H. K.


THANK YOU for my tears of relief

img2 ThankYou-dog1


I want you to know I have been in tears since I dropped him off, but they were tears of relief I guess. Thank you again so very much.



Thank you SOOOOOO much

img2 thankyou3

Thank you SOOOOOO much for helping my mom and her dog. We really appreciate it… We are hoping for the best with him and we couldn’t have done it without you guys. Thank you so much again for your beautiful help!

Melissa P.


Panocha is peeing like a champ!


Panocha has had the surgery and is doing GREAT!

No more completely blocked urinary tract! Your donation helped the vet commit to the surgery and now he is eating and peeing like a champ. I honestly can't thank you enough, I don't know what I would have done without your help and donation. Bless you! I am amazed that strangers helped me save my baby... THANK YOU


Raven is feeling better!

SAF Raven-in-hoodie

Thank you so much for your donation and God Bless!

Gail and Raven


Mindy's baby can see!!

img2 mindy-baby

No more cataracts!  She can see!

Thank you so much for your kind donation!



Nikos is doing great!


This beautiful boy is on the mend!!

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your donation. I got Nikos in today and he is OK with medication adjustments! We caught him before the spiral started to happen....

 Again, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!


THANK YOU for saving my baby's life!

img2 ThankYou-dog1

Rusty got his surgery!

It was almost too late for him, but the doctor took him right in. Thank you so very much for your help!!! It may not seem like a lot of money to some, but to me its saving my baby's life.

David M.


Katie Scarlett says THANK YOU!

SAF-TY KatieScarlett

Katie Scarlett is happy and healthy!

I am sending a thank you to all the wonderful people who donated money for Katie's recent surgery to let them know that she is now healed and doing very well.  Thank you very much for your kind donation, it is deeply appreciated... Diane



Caring for Kia

img2 thankyou3

Disabled Veteran and his cat are on the mend

The veteran was distraught that his buddy, Kia, the cat had a bladder infection and was in severe pain and bleeding.  With SAF's help he was able to be seen by a vet and start the treatment to heal...



Artie's Gift


Thanks given for gifts received:

I want to thank Shakespeare Fund for paying for the help my dog Artie needed...


Every Kitten Counts


A friend in need:

Two in need this week...


Stay Strong Buddy!


This weeks recipient:

A thirteen year old Lab/Retriever named Buddy...


Thanks from Lisa

img2 thankyou4

To all at Shakespeare:

Thank you so much for your contribution for Lacey's surgery...


Keeping Hope Strong!

img2 ThankYou-dog-cat

Good news! We have a sponsor and her recovery continues! We are waiting on some test results now.  You have no idea how much SAF has affected the situation here.  It gave us courage to reach further and I finally managed to find someone...


Sylvia's Kitten!

img2 sylviakitten

What you are doing to help families and their 4 legged babies is amazing!.....


Jasper is resting comfortably!


Here's a couple of pictures of Jasper recovering at home from having his tooth pulled. He's now back to normal, eating solid food and playing with his toy!  Saying THANK YOU doesn't seem like enough for helping us and Jasper.


Jackson is home!

Jackson home2

The best news of all~~Jackson is home! We have just been home long enough that he was happy to sit for me and let me snap a picture of him smiling! His appetite was good once he got home and I gave him a plate of his favorite wet food. The doctor did say he had been in a lot of pain, ...


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