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Cold weather can be hard on pets. Many owners forget that pets are just as accustomed to the warm shelter of the indoors as the owners themselves.

Unfortunately, some owners will leave their pets out in the cold for extended periods of time, thinking that all pets are adapted to live outdoors when they actually are not. This can place pets in serious danger.

What you should do:

1.Take your pet to the vet for a winter check-up.

2. Keeps pets inside as much as you can when it gets cold out. Stay with them while they are outside, when you are cold, they probably are too.

3.If you have to leave them out, make sure they have warm solid shelter against the wind, solid bedding, and water that is not frozen. Check on them and their water dish often as temperatures change.   If they do get too cold, you can use a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel so it won't burn your animal's skin.

4. Some animals are more adaptable to the cold than others, still very young and very old animals are more vulnerable to the cold, and no animal should be left outside for unlimited amounts in the freezing weather. If you have any questions about this, ask your vet.

5. Cats will curl up to anything in order to stay warm, make a lot of noise by honking the horn or rapping on the hood of your car before starting the engine to avoid injury to cats.

6. If you live near a lake or a body of water, be every careful about letting your dog wander off, they can fall into the ice as easily as you could.

7. Be careful with space heaters as your pet can get entangled in them as well or knock them over causing the risk of fire and damage to your home.

8. Check your furnace for carbon monoxide leaks for both you and your pet's protection.

9. Wipe you pet's paws regularly when they come inside, they can pick up salt and chemical ice melt deposits that can be harmful to their digestive systems if they lick it off of their paws.


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