Tips For Calming Your Anxious Dog



Almost every family has a dog as part of their family. We love our dogs, and do everything we can to take care of them. However, just like us humans, they can get anxious, too. The following information will help you understand the signs to watch for, and show you remedies that will help your furry friend relax.


Different Breeds - Different Personalities

You may think that dog breeds have the same temperament. However, that is a wrong assumption. Take, for example, the Norwich Terrier. Although small, at 10 inches high and 12 pounds, this breed is fearless, and sociable. They are great with kids, and a perfect family pet. They also make great watchdogs because of their alertness. But, be aware that not all dogs are the same, and stress can change their behavior.

Signs Your Dog Is Stressed

Just like people, dogs can get stressed out. Because dogs can’t communicate with words like humans do, it is even more important to watch for certain signs. Knowing what to watch for will help you understand that your dog may be feeling anxious.

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Digestive Issues

First of all, while it may be unpleasant to think about, your dog also can have digestive problems. Although you may think that these issues are only brought on by food problems, stress can also lead to them, as well. Talk with your vet if the problems persist for more than a day.

Refusing to Eat

Stress may also cause a dog to refuse their meals. Since they don’t diet the way humans do, their not wanting to eat could either be health-related or a sign of stress. A drastic decrease in weight is a sign of a major problem, so have it checked, if it occurs.

Being Alone

Dogs normally love to spend time with people, and other dogs. So, if they isolate themselves often, it is another problematic signal. Since it is abnormal for a dog to prefer to be alone, it is another issue to discuss with your veterinarian.

Sleeping More Than Usual

Just like humans, dogs have different sleeping patterns compared to one another. But, since you have had your dogs for a long period of time, you have gotten used to how long he or she sleeps. Stress can alter this pattern. If your furry friend is sleeping much less or more, it may become an issue to watch out for.

Fear and Aggressiveness

If your dog is scared or angry, you may be able to tell by their posture, and facial expression. Of course, showing their teeth is definitely a sign that they may want to attack. However, being more submissive may also be a sign that a problem exists.

Suggestions to Calm Your Dog Down

While it may not be easy at first, once you understand why your dog is stressed out, there are many ways to help him or her calm down. Following these steps can help you dog relax, and feel as good as new.

Exercise and Petting

A great way to help your dog relax is to keep close contact. They love to be pet, and they benefit from exercise. Building muscles, and doing cardio workouts, such as running around in the park, can help your dog focus that nervous energy into a productive activity. Doing so will help them relax the same way it works for humans.


It’s true that music really does “soothe the savage beast”. Listening to soft music can help your dog relax. It works for many humans. So, it stands to reason that your dog will reap the benefits, as well.


Some may consider this option odd. However, specifically-formulated sprays can help your dog just like this method helps humans. But, make sure you put it on their back, so they can’t reach it, and lick it off.


Check Your Own Levels

If you’re anxious, your dog will sense it. As a result, they will stress out, too. Make sure you stay calm - even when your dog is the source of your own stress. Calming yourself will calm your furry friend.


We all love our dogs. After all, they are part of the family. But, it is important to pay attention to irregular behavior or health issues. Addressing them now can help alleviate the problem. Following these tips will help your furry friend stay calm, and friendly.

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