Feline Friendly: 10 Dog Breeds That Tend to Get Along Well With Cats


by Miranda LaSalla

Some people love dogs, while others choose to bring home a cat. However, there are those who love both pets equally. And they say that people who have dogs or cats typically tend to live longer, healthier, and even happier lives. Yet can you have both a cat and dog at the same time?

Yes, and early socialization is the only key to make it possible!

In contrast to the popular notion that cats and dogs are mortal enemies and that they shouldn’t be near each other because of natural instincts, these two creatures are actually getting closer and closer as domestication and animal training continue to evolve with the time.

To expand the topic, here are 10 dog breeds that tend to get along well with cats! And a reminder, that while it’s always great to get dogs from breeders, all breeds can be found at shelters, Humane Societies and SPCA’s, among others, when you take the time. Specific breed rescuers are also a great place to look if your heart is set on a specific breed.

One other note, while the author researched dogs that get along with cats, there are never any guarantees when introducing animals to each other. Always approach with caution, know the animals and be prepared for them not to get along. Ensure that all pets have the ability to remain safe when being introduced to each other.

Irish Setter

The Irish Setter is innately friendly to everyone because it enjoys being active all the time! Its high energy and stamina may not fascinate your feline, but there surely will be no harm when you consider putting the two under one roof.

Moreover, the only problem you’ll have when getting an Irish Setter is its size and weight (60-70 pounds), and the tendency to leap or jump on guests.


If you’re looking for a feline-friendly dog that almost looks like a cat, then consider getting a Papillon. The toy dog has an amiable demeanor, trainable intelligence, and a butterfly-like appearance that make it charismatic and attractive for many even kitties.

As an ideal breed for multiple pets in a household


Aside from the Pug’s adorable face, it also has an effervescent characteristic and lazy nature that makes it compatible with your cat. It may be stubborn, always following people, and super playful, but it is never aggressive!

Another aspect that makes it a great companion for felines is that it requires low maintenance.

Yorkshire Terrier

With enough socialization and training, Yorkies definitely can live well with felines. Sure, they bark a lot and they are rather spoiled, but they make excellent buddies with everyone including elderly and people with medical issues.

Furthermore, like cats, they are not highly-spirited and they don’t need vigorous exercises.

Basset Hound

Although this dog always looks unhappy because of its physical characteristics, the Basset Hound is actually among the most joyful canines. It barks when it’s being ignored and it feels down when it’s alone.

You have nothing to worry about when you put this affectionate dog and your kitty together.

Black and Tan Coonhound

Black and Tan Coonhounds surely know how to balance their ferocious attitude in the wild and their easygoing personality with their pals. They are utterly sociable, responsive, and loving towards everyone in the household.

These raccoon hunters will be obedient to you as a way of protecting their dignity. With them, felines will surely feel protected and secure from danger!

Golden Retriever

Often considered as the “perfect family dog”, the Golden Retrievers are more popular for their adaptability, affection, child-friendliness, and cat-friendliness, rather than their watchdog ability (they could befriend intruders!).

Even though it takes dedication to groom and keep them fit, everything will be worth it since they have excellent personalities.

 Australian Shepherd

Developed to be a clever and responsible stock dog, the Australian Shepherd is known to be serious, yetit has a soft heart for cats and other family members at home.

It may be reserved and not so showy, but you can count on its appropriate behavior and obedience all the time!


If you want a playmate for your cat, you need to get it a Corgi friend (either the Cardigan Welsh or the Pembroke Welsh will do). This relatively small and fluffy dog is very trustworthy, loyal, and passionate in keeping everyone entertained.

Moreover, it can adapt to any type of environment, no matter the size or number of people and pets in it.


Pekingese dogs stand only 7-8 inches and it is said that they are generally good with other pets. Additionally, these smart canines stay devoted to their family!

They are independent as well when it comes to enjoyment. This means there’s a higher chance of getting along well with cats because of the size and their tendency to be aloof and not playful.

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