People are desperate, and often get no help

  My name is Alexander J. from Okeechobee, Florida. I am disabled, on a small fixed income, and I am in renal failure.

Last September we went through Hurrican Irma, a category 4. Two months after the storm, I lost my baby Mr. Chips. He got real skinny, and I guess it might have been worms, or  something. He was dying. I reached out throughout the whole community on Facebook, and many others in person. I had no money, and not one person would help him. The local vets in town wanted cash first, and one vet told me to apply for a credit card.

It still hurts so bad knowing he suffered, and no one would help him!

Since then a kind lady gave me a female cat (Nala), a very smart and beautiful cat. I also have another black cat (Kitty Mamma), about ten years old, having her since 2006. I had to get Nala fixed, so someone gave me the funds to do so by an organization called SOS, a mobile vet lab.

I buried Mr. Chips next to the canal in the RV park so he could see the sunrise in the morning. I had him in the shelter and Kitty Mamma also during the hurricane.

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