Are You Sure Your Dog is Happy?

06-Apr-16 42

Is your dog as happy as he or she can be? This is a moot point for cat owners because cats are always happy. But if you’re the owner of a canine, or rather your canines allow you to live in the house with them, then you’re probably thinking your dogs live in the lap of luxury and what on earth could there be to complain about. Probably nothing, but a new study looks at several ways to ensure your dog’s continued happiness.

  • Give your dog a job when you’re gone. Since dogs are bred for a specific purpose their natural instincts are to be doing something. You can create an obstacle course to your dog’s favorite treats, leave chew toys around and provide food puzzle toys like Kongs to stimulate the mind.

  • Help your dogs socialize with other dogs by setting up play dates or going to a dog park, and introduce them to other humans by doing what my daughter does with her new puppy. She gives treats to strangers and asks them to give her puppy treats.

  • Of course training your dogs increases their mental stimulation as well as the bond between you. And improve your dogs’ self-esteem by praising their accomplishments.
  • Think about a spa moment. A slow rub down that reaches muscle, fat and bones can really help a nervous dog and rubbing your dogs’ joints can prepare them for physical activities or help them unwind afterward.

Have fun spoiling your dogs and remember as spring approaches there will be all the usual culprits to watch out for such as snakes, foxtails and all sorts of other challenges.

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"No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich." ~Louis Sabin

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