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We get hundreds of calls each year asking for help. But we also get a large number of emails pleading for help as well. Read a few of these and see why we care so much. Each story is touching, and shows how much people love their pets and how desperately they want to help them. Our job is to continually raise funds so we can get dying and suffering pets the medical care they need when their owners simply can’t afford it.

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Booboo needs Lantus & and check up!


Hello! I'm in desperate need of assistance for my diabetic cat, Booboo. He was diagnosed with diabetes in January of 2014.  As a result of an unfortunate series of events I  am living in an unheated camper in the back yard of a friend.

I ran out of Lantus for Booboo about six weeks ago and have been struggling to come up with the money to refill his old RX for Lantus and syringes that I got from a vet.  Booboo needs a Lantus pen ( $94 ) and a box of syringes ( $30 ).  I would also like to get him to the vet as soon as possible to have his health checked and re-regulated after not being on insulin for six weeks.  

Can you please help?  I look forward to hearing from you!

My best to you,



Help save a little guy from being paralyzed


I have a wonderful little dachshund named Oscar. Oscar has always been a jovial little creature until lately. He jumped off my bed causing a massive rupture in his disc that made him lose pelvic limb function. My family had experienced back issues in their dogs and suggested a steroid shot over a costly surgery. We tried that route and he lost functions within three days. The doctor is now saying he has to have a hemilaminectomy surgery for acute disc herniation. My family is having an extremely hard time affording this. Is there a grant we can apply for to save this little guy from being paralyzed? Thank you so much for your time.




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Shakespeare's mission is to help pay emergency veterinary care for elderly, disabled, returning veterans and others who cannot afford medical care when their pets are suffering or dying.

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